Baseball (PHOTO SOURCE Kompas.com)
Here are some rules and prohibitions in baseball:

    Balk: A pitcher making a movement to deceive a base runner without delivering the pitch is considered a balk, resulting in advancing all runners one base.

    Interference: Any action by a player or team member that hinders or impedes a fielder's ability to make a play is interference, resulting in penalties.

    Obstruction: A fielder impeding the progress of a baserunner who is legally running the bases is obstruction, resulting in advancing the runner to the next base.

    Infield Fly Rule: When there are runners on first and second base or first, second, and third base with less than two outs, an infield fly is called to prevent the defense from intentionally dropping a pop-up to create a double or triple play.

    Illegal Pitch: Pitchers are not allowed to use certain illegal pitches such as a spitball, a shine ball, or foreign substances applied to the ball.

    Base Running Violations: These include running out of the base path to avoid a tag, passing another runner, or failing to tag up after a caught fly ball in certain situations.

    Equipment Violations: Using illegal or altered equipment, such as bats or gloves, is prohibited.

These rules ensure fair play and sportsmanship during baseball games, governing conduct and actions on the field to maintain the integrity of the sport.


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